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Connections Online Photo Directory History

Connections Online Photo Directories Began as a Problem

Connections Online Photo Directories began as the problem of maintaining an up-to-date church directory that would promote interactions and connections between members in a rapidly growing church and allow the church staff to have a common database of contact information that would facilitate church ministries.

Today as communities change more rapidly, promoting communication and interaction between members can be a challenging, particularly in rapidly growing churches or in churches that are established with new member joining. Any directory that is handed out becomes out of date very soon after it is distributed. Of course the directory in the office is typically current, but not everyone has access to that. After a while everyone begins to build their own list! The Youth leaders have theirs, the Social Committee theirs, the "New Contact Follow Up Committee" has theirs, ... the list of lists goes on.

The Resulting Solution

The solution that resulted was a down loadable directory that is created on each download from the current information that multiple authorized users maintain. However, that was just the beginning. The solution also included basic searches that allow people to find someone who they just met and only remember their first name. For users with higher access beyond the downloadable directories there are demographic searches, mailing lists for merge mailings, and the ability to annotate records that can be used to pass information on to others within ministry teams.


Today churches and other organizations across Canada and USA a are using Connections Online Photo Directory to help their members connect with each other.

Churches are not the only organization that needs to maintain pictorial directory. For example, a quilting guild spread out over several counties may wish to keep a active online database to facilitate members contacting members. If you need to maintain a directory for your organization feel free to explore the feature of Connections Online Photo Directories.

Using Connections Online Photo Directories

Of course, a directory will not by itself increase the communication and interaction between members of your ministry or organization; however, it does make it far easier for connections to occur! If you have a solution that's great keep using it. If you are looking for a solution consider signing up for a Connections Online Photo Directory. It is an inexpensive service that is easy to use and can be exceptionally useful.